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Improve investments decisions in pharma with daily intelligence on financials trends, clinical trials, patents, competitors, publication statistics and reimbursement codes.


Pharma Market Predictive Modeling

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Disease Frequencies

Number of disease indications reported in the US
Quantitate disease burdens and potential market sizes of a drug.

Clinical Trial Success Rates

Disease, target, and drug trial probabilities
Predict the success rate of a company based on historical trends.

Curated Financial Data

Company revenues per drug
Curated drug revenues to predict future company performance. 

Standardized Company Names

Canonical names for all drug companies
Standardized company names to aggregate alternative data.




Custom Datasets

Expert Collaboration
Talk to us about building a customized dataset.

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Case Studies


Financial Analysis of Competitive Drugs

A case study using PharmaKB to compare competing commercial drugs. Financial investors and pharmaceutical industry leaders utilize the information in PharmaKB to make superior investment and product development decisions...

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Method for Trend Based Forecasting of Drug Revenues

A case study using PharmaKB to predict company revenues from key indicators of research and market performance…

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Patent Cliff Analysis Support for Generic Drug Decisions

Patent termination events have a startling effect on company revenue. This case study shows FDA reported patent terminations for Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs and summarizes the timing of opportunities for generics companies to enter the market.…

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Tracking Trends and Revenue (Cancer Drugs)

A case study using PharmaKB data to explore trending cancer therapies for multiple myeloma and their impact on revenues of existing treatment regimens. Overall, this case study demonstrates how PharmaKB can be used to investigate changes to the treatment landscape for a particular disease…

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