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Build content and applications using semantically structured, real-time drug, disease, patient, regulatory, clinical, reimbursement and company information via automated data streams. All PharmaKB data and charts are available for download as JSON,CSV,EXCEL,PPT and API access is available using GraphQL to further analyze, integrate, or redistribute


PharmaKB is a hosted solution to organize complex data from hundreds of sources, updated daily.

PharmaKB searches the semantic (machine-readable) web to identify and consolidate the wealth of clinical and economic information that is available for prescription drugs.  Hundreds of validated databases exist, each containing unique information regarding agency approved drug use, the biological drug target, clinical features of the targeted disease, or drug revenue.  By leveraging semantic identifiers, PharmaKB interconnects reliable databases to extract, consolidate, and standardize existing information into a single, machine-readable, and artificial intelligence (AI)-ready report. Algorithms are run daily, ensuring reports contain the latest information.  A visual representation of the different sources we search and extract information from is shown in the semantic network graph above.




Case Studies


Reagent Array Drug Sample Selection and Acquisition Program Uses PharmaKB Content

PharmaKB content may be used within 3rd party commercial applications. In this case, Reagent Array, a specialty screening sample provider, enables drug sample selection based on key properties from the PharmaKB database.

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