GnRH pharmaccine

Status : investigational


The GnRH pharmaccine consists of synthetic peptides (constructed to “look like” GnRH), which are bound chemically to a carrier and suspended in a proprietary “delivery vehicle”. The pharmaccine is administered intramuscularly to the patient by injection and induces an immune response or production of antibodies in the patient, which neutralize GnRH thus removing it from circulation.


Investigated for use/treatment in prostate cancer.

Mechanism Of Action

The immunological neutralization of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) by the antibodies induced by GnRH pharmaccine shuts down the production of testosterone in the testes. Testosterone fuels prostate cancer, both early stage, primary cancer and metastatic (spreading) cancer. Like physical castration, hormonal, or biological blockage of testosterone has been shown to be efficacious in humans for the treatment of both early and late state prostate cancer. Aphton’s GnRH pharmaccine, which is expected to be reversible based on the mechanism of action (in contrast to surgical castration), induces hormonal, or biological blockage of testosterone.

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